Raw, Machined or Processed Material Verification

There’s nothing worse that machining a perfect part out of the wrong material. At Entropy Machining we are committed to reduce risk and reduce the chance of rejections due to errors at the mill.

Aluminum Conductivity Testing
Unlike most job shops, Entropy Machining has an in-house aluminum electroconductivity meter calibrated to be used in conjunction with our surface and regular hardness testers to ensure the aluminum received from the mill is not only the correct grade but also the correct temper before we begin machining. Most prime contractors now require that all aluminum be conductivity and hardness tested after machining as well. We are able to do that in-house saving our customers time and money as well as reducing the chances of part damage during shipping to and from the metallurgical labs.

Hardness Testing
We have two calibrated Wilson Rockwell Hardness testers using both regular and superficial systems as well as a full range of hardness standards and are able to verify hardness on both B and C scales on material from .030” thick up to 6” thick. Hardness testers are verified to calibrated standards before every use and all documentation is retained electronically for customer ease.

Tight Tolerance Machining Requires Tight Tolerance Inspection

If you can’t measure it there’s no point machining it. Our inspection department is completely AS9100B compliant and all inspection tools are calibrated and traceable to NIST Standards.

Whether you require tolerances of ±.030” or ±.0003”, we can manufacture and, more importantly, inspect to those tolerances to ensure the part that reaches your dock is the part you expect. We keep a full range of inspection tools to provide the inspector with every tool required to do his job. Inspection is conducted in a temperature controlled environment and all parts are left to sit in that same environment to equalize before readings are taken. All inspection is documented and saved electronically for customer convenience.