Final Assembly

Although we are a precision machine shop first and foremost, We have expanded to meet our customer’s needs and are experience and capable of full assembly services. Solid and blind rivets, nutplates, Helical inserts, Nutcerts and press-fit bushings are just some of our services.

Riveting - Solid and Blind
We are able to install both blind and solid rivets to most customer specifications. We have manual installation tools for low production, as well as pneumatic tooling for high volume assembly work. Rivets are installed to spec and each is checked to insure correct installation.

Press-Fit, and Temperature assisted Bushing Install
Press fit bushings are a common customer request with our assemblies. Typically they are a .0005-.002” interferance fit. However, occasionally our customers require temperature assisted installations where the bushings are cooled using liquid Nitrogen and then quickly press fit into
the aluminum part to maximize interference while minimizing damage to the aluminum piece. We are happy to work with our customer’s requirements to do whatever is required to get the job done.

Helical Inserts
We have a full array of Helical insert installation tools as well as a large stock of Mil-spec inserts all with traceable paperwork. We’ve installed hundreds of thousands of inserts over the years and each insert is installed using the correct tools, method and to the correct depth. We’ve worked with both standard inserts as well as staked inserts in a variety of different materials.

Sealing assembly and testing of fuel and hydraulic systems

From hydraulic ground support kits to pneumatic emergency systems and fuel door assemblies we can machine it, assemble it, seal it and test it to save you time and money while minimizing transportation costs and risks.

Sealing faying surfaces, sealed nutplates, torqued and painted hydraulic systems, fuel door assembly, processing and gasket manufacturing and install are just some of the processes we have experience doing in our assembly department. We are also able to test hydraulic parts and valves with up to 5000psi of hydrostatic pressure and check shuttle valve function using nitrogen gas. Chances are if you need it inspected we’ve been there and have the experience and tools to do it for you.