QC Inspection and AS9102 First Articles

There’s no benefit to parts to print if there’s no documentation to back it up. Here at Entropy Machining verification and documentation is of utmost importance. We work with our customers to provide the exact documentation required for every order and full AS9102 Reports as requested.

PO Reviews and Flowdown requirements
Depending on customer flowdown requirements, we process each order to ensure conformance to not only our direct customer’s requests but also pay close attention to any requirements coming from the prime or end user. We’re heavily experienced in Purchase Order Reviews, Gov’t and Prime contractor specifications and pay close attention to any revision and engineering changes to make sure we catch all changes and flowdowns before going into production.

Job Documentation and Production Control
All Jobs are routed through our Production control system where all production, Inspection, and purchasing data is kept track of and stored in electronic format and available quickly to our customers.

AS9102 First Articles
We’re well versed in providing full inspection packages including complete and correctly filled out AS9102 First Articles as well as material and processing certification for every job. This includes hardware manufacturer’s certs and C of Cs. We make sure when we ship parts, every detail is fully traceable and to print.

Tight Tolerance Machining Requires Tight Tolerance Inspection

If you can’t measure it there’s no point machining it. Our inspection department is completely AS9100B compliant and all inspection tools are calibrated and traceable to NIST Standards.

Whether you require tolerances of ±.030” or ±.0003”, we can manufacture and, more importantly, inspect to those tolerances to ensure the part that reaches your dock is the part you expect. We keep a full range of inspection tools to provide the inspector with every tool required to do his job. Inspection is conducted in a temperature controlled environment and all parts are left to sit in that same environment to equalize before readings are taken. All inspection is documented and saved electronically for customer convenience.