2, 3 & 4-Axis Milling & Turning

The main focus at Entropy Machining has always been and will always be tight tolerance machining. Our focus is on meeting all drawing and PO requirements as well as maintaining a high level of worksmanship we feel is missing today.

Using late model high speed HAAS VF-3 and VF-4 mills, DMC is well equipped to handle parts from less than 1 inch in diameter to over 14 cubic feet in volume. Our mills are capable of running up to 15,000RPM spindle speed at a feed rate of 1000 inches per minute making us particularly efficient at machining billet aluminum. Most of our mills are also equipped with built in Renishaw probes, chip conveyors, coolant aerators and high speed tool changers. This not only results in a more efficient and productive shop but also in less wasted time, lower scrap rate and ultimately lower machining costs to our customers.

Our Lathes are Mori-Seiki turning centers. Capable of holding .0001” tolerances, our Mori-Seiki turning centers are a perfect compliment to our Milling department. Equipped with a 12 foot bar feed and chip conveyor we can run high production turning work with minimal operator intervention.

Manual Mill / Lathe work - Auto Saw work
Keeping true to our roots we still keep manual mills and lathes for simple tooling work that our customers might need. This allows for fast turnaround and ultra-low overhead. Automatic horizontal and vertical saws are also in house to support.

Solid Model Files or Fully Dimensioned Drawings

Equipped with the latest CAM software, we can accept most common CAD/CAM files. Catia, Mastercam, Surfcam, IGES, STP, DWG, etc. Of course we are also comfortable with standard drawings and parts lists.

We will work with anything from an idea on a sketch to a fully dimensioned and toleranced part. We’re very experienced in dealing with digitized models and all manners of tolerancing. Unlike a lot of other small shops, we understand physical dimensions are only part of the requirements that make a fully compliant part or assembly. We take into account all processing, NDT and material requirements before starting any job to ensure that the end result is a compliant part in every way. We are accustomed to dealing with complex packages of requirements including, R.C.I.s, E.O.s, Military specifications and program specific Prime specifications.