Documentation and Vendor Control

We control our vendors and flow down requirements because we understand ultimately our name and our customer’s name is in on the line. Responsibility for good parts on time is not taken lightly.

PO Reviews and Flowdown requirements
Depending on customer flowdown requirements, we process each order to ensure conformance to not only our direct customer’s requests but also pay close attention to any requirements coming from the prime or end user. We’re heavily experienced in Purchase Order Reviews, Gov’t and Prime contractor specifications and pay close attention to any revision and engineering changes to make sure we catch all changes and flowdowns before going into production. These requirements as appropriate are flowed down to our vendors on all purchase orders and requirements are verified during receiving inspection to make sure any mistakes are caught early and do not affect our delivery schedule
Vendor Approval and Control
All Vendors are parts of our own Approved Supplier List (ASL). We keep track of our vendors, conducting yearly surveys and when appropriate we verify that vendors used are on the prime contractor’s ASL as well. Process houses and NDT houses are always verified against the current live ASPL for the correct prime before a PO is cut and all processor lead times are verified and they are held to those delivery dates. In the event that a process house should fail to meet their promised delivery date the customer is immediately contacted if there is a chance our delivery date would be compromised.

Nadcap, AS9100, ISO9001 and Vendor History

Our suppliers, vendors and processes houses all must meet the required industry certifications as well as be in good standing historically with on-time deliveries and low-to-no rejection rates.

We are proud of our parts. Every piece of billet we machine goes out with our approval and we don’t let just anyone process them. The lowest priced vendor is usually not the most reliable, consistent or experienced. Process houses range in quality and consistency greatly and even Prime approved houses are not trusted until history shows that they consistently produce good results on time. The process houses we work with have shown us they are on their game thru years and often decades of quality work and on-time deliveries. We value our suppliers as their work is what is on our machining.