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Borrego Springs, CA

HummerClub and Predator Motorsports put on a great event this year for the Wounded Warriors. We had a great time meating new folks and learning more about our trucks.


We own, drive, offroad and make stuff for Hummers/HMMWVs. What I make are things I wanted to have on my own truck. The main focus of my products is to equip and protect a truck without adding unneeded weight and bulk. There are a lot of people out there that already make great steel accessories for these trucks, I don't want/need to recreate that. I want to make products that will do their job at 1/3 the weight. Every 100 lbs adds up folks.

This website is a way of sharing those products that I've developed with anyone else that would like them. All items on this site are sold for OFFROAD USE ONLY and although designed and made with the best of intentions there is no expressed or implied warranty on any of them. This is just stuff I make for myself that I can provide for you if you want it. If you use it and break something in the process, tuff cookies. It's your truck, please use common sense.

With that said, I love Hummers/HMMWVs and I love to use them for what they were intended so I try to design everything I make to be rugged, strong and very well made of the highest quality materials. If something I've made doesn't function as you think it should, please let me know and I'll try to make it right.  That's from one Hummer owner to another.

We also are interested in adding more products to our small lineup. If there’s something that you’d like to have on your truck that isn’t available, feel free to contact us and perhaps we can use your idea for our next product.

Thanks and see you on the trails,



My family has been in the aerospace manufacturing business for over 30 years. We’ve make parts for NASA, Lockhead-Martin, Northrop Grumman as well as many sub-Prime contractors. We specialize in high precision CNC machining and assembly. Over the years we’ve accumulated a full CNC manufacturing shop and a desire to start making products for ourselves that we enjoy making.

We’ve starting getting into Hummers around 2005 when we purchased our first truck. A 1997.5 HMC4 that has become my daily driver. That truck has been heavily modified throughout the years, now more closely resembling a HMMWV than a Hummer. In 2012 we added a 1994 HMC4 to our stable. We hope to add a HMC2 in the near future.

This website and product offering  is our small contribution to the Hummer community. We hope to become a valuable resource for products, information or any custom manufacturing that you may need for your truck.

offering unique products and custom projects to fellow owners.

There are a few dedicated Hummer Vendors selling wonderful products for our trucks. Each has a place in my phonebook and each has unique products and resources that they bring to the Hummer community.

I suggest you shop around, compare prices, products, reviews. Ask on the HummerNetwork or Hummer4x4Offroad forums before you buy. You’ll quickly learn the specialties of each vendor and that there really is no “one stop shop”.

If you would like any references send me and email and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Please keep in mind my references are simply my opinions based on my experiences with them. I have no vested interest in them nor do I guarantee their services or products in anyway.




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Predator Inc.

RubberDuck 4X4

They’re Awesome! Use them.